Successful kick off meeting in the SUNRISE neighbourhood Neo Rysio – Thessaloniki, Greece

The internal kick off meeting of the local team of the SUNRISE neighbourhood Thessaloniki was held on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at the Cultural Center of Neo Rysio with big success and enthusiasm. The event was was attended by almost all the representatives of the local stakeholders, the Municipality of Thermi and the Local Council of Neo Rysio.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform the local players about the SUNRISE project, the objectives, the timetable and the methodology to be followed during the lifetime of SUNRISE, as well as the process design during the co-identification and co-vadildation process. The SUNRISE partner URBANISTA presented the design process and the audience proposed participation actions for engaging all local groups in order to get their feedback in mapping the problems and local needs of the action neighbourhood. The participants expressed also their interest in participating in the ‘Core Group’ as a means of expressing the opinion, vision, ideas and concerns related to the current and future mobility of the area. They also took place in a number of participatory activities moderated by TheTA and Urbanista.

Internal kick off in Neo Rysio – Greece

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