Video interviews with the SUNRISE neighbourhoods

During the SUNRISE consortium meeting that took place in Jerusalem in December 2017, we met with some SUNRISE action neighbourhoods for a video interview on their activities.

Partners form the SUNRISE neighbourhoods of Hulsberg (Bremen), Zugló-Törökőr (Budapest) and Baka (Jerusalem) explain in a video interview what has been achieved recently in their respective action neighbourhoods, which key stakeholders have proved to be helpful to solve local mobility bottlenecks, and what are the challenges ahead.

One of the key problems in the SUNRISE neighbourhood of Hulsberg (Bremen) is car parking. The narrow streets in the surrounding of Hulsberg are barely able to accommodate the number of registered cars. To offer alternatives to car ownership, the city of Bremen actively promotes car sharing, a system that gives people access to a (small or large) fleet of cars so that they can use an automobile individually in sequence, i.e. not simultaneously (read the definition of car sharing on the SUNRISE Glossary).

The pilot actions in Zugló-Törökőr (Budapest) are especially related to public space and shared mobility. In particular, there is a need to improve public space; provide bicycle parking at housing estates; deliver innovative sustainable mobility solutions at schools (e.g. designated safe walking routes, public transport information, bicycle parking).

One of the major issues that the neighbourhood of Baka (Jerusalem) faces is congestion and rat-running traffic. The overall improvement of the walkability and cyclability of the area in particular for young couples with children, elderly and person with disabilities is one of the core activities within the SUNRISE project.

Maya Tapiero, the Project Coordinator from the Baka Community Council, explains that solving these issues requires the participation of many stakeholders such as the municipality, the local community council of the neighbourhood and above all the active involvement of the young couples with children who populate this very nice area of Jerusalem.

To know more about the SUNRISE activities visit the pages of this website dedicated to each SUNRISE neighbourhood:

The SUNRISE YouTube channel is available here

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