A walking Bus in Baka, Jerusalem

The walking bus in Baka (Jerusalem) is an educational program led by the education administration of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Environment in partnership with the CIVITAS SUNRISE project.

From an internal survey conducted in the “Ge’ulim school” it appeared that from 7% of parents with children that walked to school (in yellow in the diagram) and 87% that arrived with private cars (in blue) at the beginning of the educational program, about 54% are now arriving with private cars whereas 40% are walking to school.

Before the educational programme.
After the educational programme.

The final purpose of the
Walking Bus programme in Baka is to maintain these results, to increase the number of people walking to school, and to create a framework that preserves this change towards a sustainable mobility behaviour. 

The Walking Bus programme was launched in May 2018. The citizens’ feedback has been very promising so far and both parents and kids are willing to be involved.

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