Citizens select the most attractive projects for their neighbourhood in Budapest!

The SUNRISE project achieved an important milestone this autumn in Zugló-Törökőr neighbourhood (Budapest). After a one-year-long period of problem mapping to seek solution to sustainable mobility issues, the co-creation process is ending with fruitful results.

The outcome of the recent year is a package with over 700 comments, remarks, ideas and recommendations collected from the local citizens. The next – and challenging – step is to aggregate and shape the several recommendations into relevant and feasible projects and estimate their costs.

The SUNRISE team, in close cooperation with the local “SUNRISE Core Group”, came up with 8 micro-investment projects. As the project plans were accepted and verified by the “Core Group in October”, the selecting process will be launched in November. 

How does it work?

The methodology of voting follows the principles of participatory budgeting: like in a virtual shop, the local stakeholders can buy the most attractive projects up to 65 000 EUR, which is the amount budgeted on sustainable mobility development. The most wanted projects will be implemented in the frame of the budget in 2019. 

Below there is a list of feasible projects in Zugló-Törökőr:

  • Safety in the area of schools and kindergartens and promotion of sustainable mobility 20 000 EUR
  • Development of conditions of biking and walking in the underpass in Tábornok street 21 000 EUR
  • 100 new bike and scooter storages 10 000 EUR
  • Traffic calming in the area of Újvidék square 16 000 EUR
  • Traffic calming in Pillangó park 10 000 EUR
  • Traffic calming in the area of Tábornok street 20 000 EUR
  • Barrier-free street corners, 3 locations 20 000 EUR
  • Bike to work campaign 7 000 EUR

More information will come soon! For now, watch this space and follow SUNRISE on Twitter:

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