Sister projects


In total there are four new CIVITAS projects (including SUNRISE) with a focus on urban districts or neighbourhoods, based on the assumption that neighbourhood-specific characteristics (proximity, trust, identity) can be strategically utilised to trigger new types of mobility solutions. 

Guided by the CIVITAS coordination and support action project CIVITAS SATELLITE, SUNRISE will cooperate closely with its “sister” projects Cities4People, METAMORPHOSIS and MUV that are funded under the same call and offer great potential for cooperation and exchange of experiences. 


The Metamorphosis project aims at transforming neighbourhoods in more liveable and shared spaces. The project starts from the premise that when a neighbourhood has many children in its public spaces (Gehl, 2013), this is a major indicator that it is well designed as a people-oriented and sustainable neighbourhood.

The project applies an innovative and participatory approach, which encompasses the direct involvement of children as crucial players in each phase of the project – from planning through implementation, evaluation, and dissemination. During each phase of Metamorphosis children’s perspectives, suggestions, and ideas are highly valued as essential contribution to create more children-friendly cities.

The partners of the project consist of seven European Partner cities, i.e., Alba Iulia (RO), Graz (AT), Meran (IT), Munich (DE), Southampton (UK), Tilburg (NL), and Zurich (CH), which seek to pursue the objectives of the project through the support of six national Research and Consultancy partners.

For more information, please visit the project website.