What is SUNRISE?

SUNRISE is the acronym for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Research and Implementation Support in Europe. The SUNRISE mission is to develop, implement, assess and facilitate co-learning about new, collaborative ways to address common urban mobility challenges at the urban district level through “neighbourhood mobility labs” and thus to lay the foundation for a Sustainable Neighbourhood Mobility Planning concept.

SUNRISE has its own empirical programme, that is, a carefully planned set of interventions in six “action neighbourhoods” within their respective city. Concretely, one neighbourhood each in the cities of Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmö, Thessaloniki, and Southend-on-sea will run a highly participatory “co-creation” process with their residents and stakeholders to identify local needs, to develop new transport solutions, to implement and to evaluate them – all with the guidance and assistance of the support partners urbanista, Rupprecht Consult, POLIS, TU Wien, Edinburgh Napier University – Transport Research Institute, Zaragoza Logistics Center and Koucky & Partners.

All cities are strongly committed to sustainable mobility and co-creation principles. They all have city-wide mobility strategies (esp. SUMP), yet realise that large innovative potentials are untapped at the neighbourhood level which requires the proactive involvement of local communities for lasting and publicly embraced solutions to urban mobility challenges.

This website provides further background information about the six action neighbourhoods beyond the content of our proposal: