Making the Change: SUNRISE Final Conference

  • Date: June 17, 2021
  • Location: Online

Our final conference will take place online on 17 June, 14:00-16:30 CEST, and will be hosted on GoToWebinar. The conference will look back on the achievements, challenges and success stories of our action neighbourhoods on the four-year journey through all four phases of the co-creation process.

New collaborations, fruitful exchanges, brainstorming, discussion, conflicts, and participatory process – all of this is co-creation in SUNRISE. Since every neighbourhood, every city and every country is different, all neighbourhoods from the six SUNRISE cities have unique stories to tell. Stories about successes, challenges, failures and learned lessons paved the way on a road that started about four years ago.

We want to share some of the stories and learned lessons with a wider European community of stakeholders and organisations that work on a communal or city level. Since the results are as diverse as our neighbourhoods from Malmö in the North to Jerusalem in the East, we are putting our neighbourhoods in the spotlight.

If we have sparked your interest, feel free to register by clicking this button:

Draft Agenda

  • Introduction to the SUNRISE Project
  • Video Impressions from the SUNRISE ‘Action Neighbourhoods’
  • Panel I: Engaging the Community (moderated by Urbanista)
    • Malmö: ‘Flexibility in a co-creation process’
    • Thessaloniki: ‘Winning the engagement & faith of the local community’
  • Panel II: Building consensus and managing conflicts (moderated by TU Wien)
    • Budapest: ‘Creative tools in citizens engagement’
    • Bremen: ‘Dealing with conflict management’
  • Panel III: Leveraging the benefits of the neighbourhood level  (moderated by POLIS)
    • Southend: ‘Convincing the national level of the benefits of co-creation’ 
    • Jerusalem: ‘Formalising and transferring the SUNRISE approach’ 
  • Presentation of final thoughts
    • SUNBEAMS: Our main takeaways