How Do you Co-identify Mobility Problems at the Neighbourhood Level?

  • Posted On: November 1, 2019

The Neighbourhood Mobility Dossiers have been produced within the first phase of the SUNRISE project to ensure that all action neighbourhoods in Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmo, Southend-On-Sea and Thessaloniki lay a solid foundation for all the following activities. The dossier is a document which outlines the participatory identification of mobility problems, needs, ideas and opportunities in each SUNRISE neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood Mobility Dossier aims to comprehensively capture the results of co-identification and co-validation process including the factual and subjectively perceived situation regarding mobility and other related aspects. The Dossier serves as a guidebook for the neighbourhood themselves regarding the upcoming co-creative phases (co-development and co-implementation of sustainable mobility solutions), but also as an overview and inspiration for other cities and neighbourhoods regarding the co-creative development of sustainable mobility solutions.

The set of the six Dossiers of each Action Neighbourhood constitutes the final product of the Co-Identification phase in SUNRISE. Additionally, a summarised overview of the results of the Co-identification and Co-validation phase has been integrated in the “Neighbourhood Mobility Action Plan”.

Read here the full document.