Neighbourhood conference was full success

  • Posted On: October 26, 2020

More than 70 participants attended the conference ‘towards sustainable mobility – one neighbourhood at a time’ in cooperation with the projects of Metamorphosis, Cities4People and Looper. The three-hour session was dedicated to showcase the project’s progress of providing better mobility solutions for citizens in their neighbourhoods. All four initiatives enhance the liveability of people in urban areas across more than 20 cities in the EU and beyond.

The interactive sessions, which provided the opportunity for participants to debate various aspects of communal co-creation processes in five breakout sessions, showed that even diverse projects share similar underlying ideas, like the essential pillar of empowering local communities.

The diversity of the shared engagement from the four projects were especially visible during the five breakout sessions:

  1. Level the playing field and invest in citizen participation. 
  2. The benefits of the neighbourhood level, co-creation, participation and education.
  3. Ensure diversity, inclusivity and allow experiments in communities.
  4. Look at the big picture and be where the people are. 
  5. Manage expectations – evaluate and value the interpersonal and social results.

Even though the parallel breakout sessions are not recorded, you can watch the rest of the webinar in two parts below.

Part 1

Part 2