Baka (Jerusalem)

Baka neighbourhood has a population is 13,000 inhabitants and is a strongly diverse neighbourhood. The community activity is organised under Baka’s community council which functions as a ‘mini municipality’ and includes social services, cultural activities, local communal committees that handle operational and strategic matters in the local level. The neighbourhood is to remain green with well-developed open public space accessible to all: children, adults, disabled and senior citizens.


  • Lack of cycling infrastructure
  • Congestion in narrow dead-end streets
  • No adequate public transportation for the elderly population
  • Need for awareness on walkability among the youth

Actions Description

The main objective of SUNRISE in the Baka neighbourhood is to increase the number of children walking to school rather than being driven by car.


However, the project aims at also improving other aspects of the mobility in Baka such as:

• Reduce air pollution through increased use of public transport and less motorised travel

• Change the split of travel mode in general: less motorised transport, more walking and cycling

• Redesign public spaces that enable safe and pleasant non-motorised travel

• Implement a neighbourhood “Mobility Innovation Centre”

• Share responsibilities among stakeholders

The focus of action is anticipated to be around the redesign of public spaces and the creation of a low-motorised “Green Path” to link residential areas, community institutions and businesses.

Previous Activities

  • Baka street festival
  • Interactive survey on peoples’ mobility habits
  • Walking Tour

Ongoing Activities

  • Implementing measures to encourage children to walk to school
  • Activating traffic calming
  • Building a community partnership

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