Hulsberg (Bremen)

The SUNRISE focus area – the surrounding streets of “Neues Hulsberg-Viertel” – belongs to the borough “Östliche Vorstadt” situated close to Bremen’s historical centre. It is a densely populated residential and mixed-use area, with its 29,500 inhabitants. The borough has a wide mix of social groups: Traditionally a high percentage of students and academics. Hulsberg is very lively, hosting a large area for shopping, with restaurants and pubs bars.


  • The street space is heavily overused
  • Growing of the residecial area
  • Illegal parking established as a tolerated practice
  • Space is scarce for bike parking

Actions Description

The aim of the Bremen SUNRISE activities is to foster innovative sustainable mobility options. It will be the goal to develop a concept to reduce space consumption of parked cars and to carry out a pilot demonstration of re-allocating street space to walking, cycle-parking, greening etc.

It is also the aim of SUNRISE to carry out an intense “co-creation” process: Street-users, residents, businesses and other stakeholders shall participate in all phases of the process; including the identification of problems, the development of concepts, implementation of solutions and evaluation of results. The development of solutions shall be based on the discussion with and among citizens and stakeholders as well as on quantitative data derived from the SUNRISE study on parking in the neighbourhood.

Previous Activities

  • Launch of dedicated website in German with online participation tool
  • Street Chats
  • One-day field trip

Ongoing Activities

  • Implementation plan for residential parking
  • Monitoring of the legal kerbside parking
  • Increase car-sharing system in the neighbourhood

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