Lindängen (Malmo)

Lindängen is characterized by a multi-ethnic, international and very young population. 34% of its residents are below the age of 24 compared to 29% in the whole of Malmö. Malmö’s sustainable urban mobility plan was ratified in April 2016. It highlights that walking, cycling and public transport should be the natural choice for everybody who lives, works and visits Malmö by 2030.


  • Financing and budgetary issues
  • Low community participation
  • Lack of interest from local politicians
  • Inability to participator in large events

Activity Progress

Implemented measures
Citizens Involved
Public events

Actions Description

SUNRISE will be a core element of integrated dialogue and mobility management measures of its award winning SUMP.

In the Lindängen area, Malmö will demonstrate how to catalyse the neighbourhood’s unique potential, knowledge and creativity towards more sustainable mobility, both passenger and freight. The inclusion of children and young adults in this process is of special interest.

Previous Activities

  • Promotion campaign for increased bicycle use
  • Participation in large and medium scale public events to promote sustainable mobility
  • Screen reader support enabled

Ongoing Activities

  • Improving bike parking
  • Activating public space
  • Preparing public space for recreational and community activities

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