Neo Rysio-Thermi (Thessaloniki)

The neighbourhood of Neo Rysio is located in the Municipality of Thermi, about 20 kilometres from the city centre of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. With a population of 2,952 inhabitants, Neo Rysio consists primarily of residential areas with local commercial activity and it has a strong functional relationship with the urban core of the municipality of Thermi, as well as the centre of Thessaloniki, in terms of administrative, economic, health, educational activities.


  • Car as dominant transport mode causes heavy traffic in two main streets
  • Inapropriate infrastructure to access schools
  • Lack of a playgrounds and appropriate infrastructure for children’ and familiess’ recreation activities
  • Bureaucracy as a barrier for obtaining approvals

Actions Description

SUNRISE intervention aims at triggering a paradigm change in the neighbourhood, based on a cocreative decision making process, as well as modal split change in favour of sustainable and shared mobility solutions.

TheTA, SUNRISE technical partner which is in close cooperation with a number of relevant local stakeholders, will manage the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the SUNRISE cocreative process, by using traditional and innovative participatory.

Previous Activities

  • Awareness raising event
  • Special interviews
  • Public transport improvement measures

Ongoing Activities

  • Installations of bike parking, smart bus stop, traffic signs outside of school to decrease speed outside of the school
  • Study on how to promote the bike parking
  • Working on pedestrian bus

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Transport Authority of Thessaloniki SA

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