The Southend City Centre neighbourhood lies at the heart of Southend-on-Sea. It is a dynamic neighbourhood with a mixture of business, residential, demographics and environments and is in close proximity to both railway networks and public transport services. The neighbourhood covers an area of around 0.5 km2 and has a population of around 4,700. Around 30% of the inhabitants in the neighbourhood are economically inactive which includes people who are retired.


  • Dangerous roads for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Lack of seating, planting and lighting
  • Poor quality of public realm
  • Lack of trust from the community

Actions Description

Southend-on-Sea aims to find creative solutions to mobility issues in the City Centre. It will use temporary trials to enable local stakeholders to test co-developed solutions for improving Victoria Circus and London Road (between College Way and Victoria Circus).

The results will form the basis for new design solutions that will be implemented as permanent changes by the end of the project.

The main objectives of SUNRISE are identified as follows:

• Creating a welcoming gateway to the Town Centre

• Providing a useable public space that is attractive, thriving, and reflect the character of Southend

• Improving wayfinding in the Town Centre

• Encouraging walking and cycling in the Town Centre

• Improving safety for pedestrians at all times of the day

Previous Activities

  • Place-making activity
  • Memory lane ice breaker exercise
  • Stakeholder mapping

Ongoing Activities

  • Implementing secured cycle parking
  • Planting of edible trees and plants
  • Physical advance works (drainage, reallocation of parking)

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