Zugló-Törökőr (Budapest)

Törökőr is situated in Zugló, which is one of the 23 districts of Budapest, located in the transitional zone, between the core and the outskirts of the city. Törökőr has a population of 12.045 inhabitants and is an economically strong area of the Budapest Functional Urban Area, which has higher economic indicators than the Hungarian and EU average and a high potential for further economic development.


  • Congestion and a high level of air and noise pollution
  • Insufficient public transport system coverage
  • Car parking taking excessive space
  • Lack of pedestrian paths

Actions Description

The SUNRISE participatory planning process in Zugló-Törökőr is seen as an opportunity to test various formats, with the ultimate goal to integrate successful formats in the municipal planning processes beyond the project lifetime.

More specifically, SUNRISE methodology will facilitate the identification of the mobility problems with the involvement of the community, looking at:

• Developing sustainable solutions by common planning, taking into account all participants and modes of mobility, such as pedestrians, people with wheelchair, visually impaired, cyclists, elderly, young, people with small children, car drivers etc.

• Taking into account maximally the priorities of the local community when using the financial sources provided by the project

• Developing a sustainable mobility action plan

• Applying an experimental use of participatory planning in mobility issues.

• Testing and disseminating sustainable mobility solutions

• Shaping attitudes

Previous Activities

  • Open air awareness raising events
  • Online and offline problem mapping
  • Thematic walks

Ongoing Activities

  • Implementing traffic calming measures
  • Adding new pedestrian crossings
  • Developing safer routes to school

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