SUNRISE Pathfinder – our co-creation search engine is live

  • Posted On: August 25, 2021

Are you interested to start your local co-creative action in your neighbourhood, but you don’t know where to start? SUNRISE has the right online tool to get inspired: the SUNRISE Pathfinder. It will enable you to learn about theoretical approaches and hands-on advice for co-creation, which is mainly based on the experience of our six action neighbourhoods. The search engine for deliverables, main takeaways (SUNBEAMS), videos or best practices from third parties, is available here

The SUNRISE Pathfinder – the solution against lost deliverables and inaccessible content

Practitioners, who want to use good ideas from the realm of European project will know this common problem: either project pages and their respective content disappear after a while, or the available content from deliverables is so extensive that it complicates the search for specific information.

The Pathfinder is the answer to this problem, as it will be remaining online for the foreseeable future and will cater policy makers and activists, who want to change the urban environment in an inclusive way. The entire SUNRISE consortium is very glad to have such an accessible content repository.

The tool allows the user to search by each of the four SUNRISE co-creation phases. Furthermore, specific content is tagged, which allows a simple narrowing of search results. Are you interested in co-creation solutions that promote active mobility at the neighbourhood level? Three to four clicks will be sufficient to select the right categories, which will help you to narrow down the more than 100 entries in the back end of the tool

You are an expert, who has implemented local co-creation actions in your neighbourhood or city? You can also share your content via the tool.