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  • Posted On: May 31, 2021

Four years, six action neighbourhoods, one consortium that worked closely together; all of this will come to an end with our Final Conference on 17 June 2021, 14 – 16:30. It will be the perfect moment to reflect, draw conclusions and share our stories with you.

What can you expect?

The event, which will be livestreamed on several online platforms, including Youtube and Twitter, is hosted by Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General of the POLIS Network.

Three panels will showcase the highlights of each action neighbourhood, which will give you some advice how to start your own co-creation action. The project aims to demonstrate that co-creation can have deeper effects than just a visual restructuring of an urban area, but can have long-lasting effects of cooperation between a diverse set of stakeholders and social groups.

What is the detailed agenda?

  • Introduction to the SUNRISE Project
  • Video Impressions from the SUNRISE ‘Action Neighbourhoods’
  • Panel I: Engaging the Community (moderated by Urbanista)
    • Malmö: ‘Flexibility in a co-creation process’
    • Thessaloniki: ‘Winning the engagement & faith of the local community’
  • Panel II: Building consensus and managing conflicts (moderated by TU Wien)
    • Bremen: ‘Dealing with conflict management’
    • Budapest: ‘Creative tools in citizens engagement’
  • Panel III: Leveraging the benefits of the neighbourhood level  (moderated by POLIS)
    • Southend: ‘Convincing the national level of the benefits of co-creation’ 
    • Jerusalem: ‘Formalising and transferring the SUNRISE approach’ 
  • Presentation of final thoughts
    • Main takeaways