Southend bikers can lock their bikes safely!

  • Posted On: November 18, 2020

Cycling directly into a city centre to meet friends, go shopping or enjoy other leasure activities is an efficient alternative to driving a car or using public transport. Unfortunately, cyclists often face the problem of safe parking! Our project partners in Southend-on-Sea have addressed this problem by installing a lockable bike shelter in the heart of the English city at the Thames estuary.

The ‘Green Roof Cycle Shelter’, as this construction project is called, is part of a wider plan to enhance the quality of life in Southend-on-Sea. The lockable shed, which should prevent theft and vandalism of bicycles, hopefully encouraging people to travel by bike. Andrew Gibbons, SUNRISE project partner in Southend, has identified positive developments even prior to the instalment of the shelter ‘We have seen recently an increase in the number of people using bicycles, although they are concerned when leaving them unattended that they will get stolen, so hopefully these new measures will give cyclists peace of mind’.

Throughout the autumn of 2020, constructions works in London Road are progressing. Measures also include the planting of seven new trees, which are supported by a subsoil cage, which force the roots to go down into the subsoil to avoid future damage of the pavement and for pedestrians.

Once the lockdown allows the finalisation of the road in the heart of Southend, citizens will be able to enjoy the new safe parking measures for their bikes. ‘We hope this is resolved in the next few weeks, where we can continue the works up to Christmas, hopefully catching back up with the programme‘ summarised Andrew Gibbons.