SUNRISE-Budapest celebrates finalisation of project with local festival

  • Posted On: July 5, 2021

Picnics, street music, dancing, table tennis, barbecuing and conversations about transport – all of this was part of the small festival on Újvidék square, Budapest, which was closed for car traffic from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening as part of the celebrations for the successful finalisation of the SUNRISE project.

Among other things, the attendees made a value map on which they marked which part of the space they lived in and what they liked best about it. Adults especially appreciate having a lot of green space.Many people love the big, old trees that the little ones think it’s good to climb on, and even the kids really like the nearby circular pavement. This neighbourhood day also celebrated the opening of the Energy Community program.

Fotó: Róbert Balogh

Several remaining challenges of the Zuglo areas were also raised, the most important of which is that locals say a 20-kilometer speed limit zone should be established in order to avoid excessive parking around the green space. An additional goal is to have bicycle storage facilities. More information about this on the website .