SUNRISE Co-creation in BREMEN: Managing Conflicts Over Street Space

  • Posted On: March 9, 2020

As part of the phase of co-implementation of measures, SUNRISE project local partners have been working to put into place the already identified solutions to tackle some of the mobility challenges in the project neighbourhoods. Great news have come from the pilot site in Bremen, where excessive car-parking is affecting people’s mobility.

The parking situation in Hulsberg, the SUNRISE neighbourhood in Bremen, has been quite dramatic. For years, private cars have taken a considerable part of the narrow streets, including sidewalks and on some occasions had blocked the way for firefighters and ambulances.

SUNRISE looked at examples elsewhere and involved residents and local stakeholders in the discussions. As a result, the project research group found that the conflict could be mitigated by creating resident parking and increasing monitoring of the legal kerbside parking.

Successfully, the coalition agreement after Bremen’s 2019 elections decide to implement SUNRISE proposed solutions not only in Hulsberg but also in other neighbourhoods in Bremen. 

Thanks to SUNRISE co-creation approach in Hulsberg, today sidewalks are for people and not for cars!

Are you interested to know more? Our project local coordinator Michael Glotz-Richter will take you through the neighbourhood.

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