SUNRISE improves walking conditions in the Baka neighbourhood

  • Posted On: September 10, 2020

Our project partners in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Baka summarised their successes related to walkability in a small video.

The citizens in the Baka neighbourhood are facing obstacles related to road safety and traffic congestions, due to the historic buildings and narrow streets. The SUNRISE project partner raised awareness about walkability among the local community and encouraged cooperation between different social groups. Thanks to a good relationship with the local authority, the SUNRISE partner was able to promote a ‘walking to school’ programme among other initiatives. The successful cooperation promoted the understanding among citizens that walkability is a civic right.

The Baka neighbourhood

The strongly diverse district has a population of more than 10.000 inhabitants. The activity is organised under Baka’s community council which functions as a ‘mini municipality’ and includes social services, cultural activities and local communal committees that handle operational and strategic matters in the local level.