SUNRISE: Making Lindängen a Better Living

  • Posted On: July 17, 2019

Seeking at making the Lindängen neighbourhood in Malmö a more sustainable environment, SUNRISE partners have been working on different actions to address some of the main mobility challenges in the city.

People in Lindängen are still reluctant to use the designing biking lines in key areas such as Hermodsdalsparken. They expressed to feel unsafe because of the high level of car-traffic in the park and also when it comes to cycling or using public transport at night. Even though citizens have expressed their interest in trying alternative means of transportation, safety issues are stopping them from doing so.

In order to mitigate some of the problems, SUNRISE is implementing test measures such as the placement of poles, beams, and flowerpots to hinder cars from entering the park.

Another challenge for the project in Lindängen is the language barrier. SUNRISE is looking at engaging citizens in the SUNRISE-co-creation process, however, the fact that residents speak other languages than Swedish or English has been an obstacle. Being aware of the challenge, SUNRISE partners in Lindängen put in action a visual strategy for involving citizens in the co-creation process. Giant dices, a barometer, surveys for kids and other tools have been used to encourage young public to come and participate in the discussion of mobility topics.

In addition, the city of Malmö is also looking into cooperating with real estate owners in the area to create a safer bike parking and envisions to continue the work and co-creation in the neighbourhood.

SUNRISE in Lindängen will continue to find activities and functions that activate the main parks and create a safe environment for people to bike and walk through them.  

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