SUNRISE neighbourhood in Malmö is moving forwards

  • Posted On: June 19, 2020

After the challenging times SUNRISE neighbourhoods experienced due to the COVID-19 where some of the activities had to be suspended, SUNRISE neighbourhood Lindängen starts resuming its activities.

The SUNRISE local coordinators are looking forward to launching a small scale event soon that will involve the activity centre. The event looks at coordinate a set of activities in the park and the implementation of new measures such as new greening.

The project is adapting to the new normal but the core activities will continue, for instance, promoting biking in the neighbourhood remains one of the main focus of SUNRISE in Lindängen. During the next couple of weeks, the project is planning to implement bike stands and service station in the area and add bike pumps in the park with easy access from the bike lanes.

Furthermore, SUNRISE chapter in Malmö is looking at doing some co-evaluation activities with teenagers such as filming interviews with people and cutting it into a storytelling about the process. The activity, that will be planned with the leaders of the activity centre, will involve a documentary filmmaker who will be teaching the young participants how to shoot in a professional way.

Stay tuned for what is coming next!

Learn more about Lindängen here.