Take-Up Cities

SUNRISE aims to inspire, inform, and activate neighbourhoods beyond the project’s partnership and especially the SUNRISE Take-up Cities. Take-up neighbourhoods are located across the EU and are not part of the formal partnership.
SUNRISE foresees a programme of peer visits and mentoring and will organise study tours to inspiring neighbourhoods (that could be chosen from the six action neighbourhoods but also from the other neighbourhood projects or CIVITAS wider community) for the take-up group of neighbourhoods. Take-up Cities will be involved in the co-creation process. They will be able to provide input based on their needs and their local situations.

The introduction session with the Take-Up Cities took place in April. See the presentations below:

SUNRISE is planning:

  • Three workshops: throughout the project’s lifetime, including site-visits (travel expenses covered). These one day workshops will be linked to SUNRISE consortium meetings to enable synergies between meetings. The workshops will include a half day site visit, and a working session linked to the elaboration of the co-creation plans.
  • Two webinars per year: access to online discussions with tailored advice from SUNRISE experts. Pas webinars are available on: http://civitas-sunrise.eu/resources/webinars
  • Bilateral peer-to-peer advice: the possibility to actively solicit for advice for a specific neighbourhood mobility issue, related to the Co-creation Scenarios. Expert advice will be provided by Polis, Rupprecht, Koucky, TRI, TUW, ZLC and Urbanista.
  • e-Learning course: a brief, interactive course (D5.7) will be developed by Rupprecht Consult to  support representatives of Take-up cities to develop Co-creation Scenarios. The course will also be made available to the general public through the Neighbourhood Mobility Pathfinder in month 22 of the project.

Take-Up cities 1st Workshop

Co-definition of problems – Southend on Sea (UK), 17 January 2019