SUNRISE: approaching more neighbourhoods in Jerusalem

  • Posted On: July 16, 2019

The SUNRISE project, that is promoting sustainable mobility practices in European neighbourhoods and in Jerusalem, is currently looking into replicate its mobility model in more than one neighbourhood in Israel’s capital. Despite the project focuses on the Baka neighbourhood, is also looking at transforming the mobility in other neighbourhoods.

This is the case of Gonenim, a neighbourhood located in the Southwest of Jerusalem which is considered as a very attractive residential area in the city. Several community centres that offer activities to children and adults and its suitable location make the neighbourhood an interesting area for living.

Last month, SUNRISE partners in Jerusalem met with the young neighbourhood coordinator and worked together with the elderly ages communal centre to identify the mobility needs in this neighbourhood. They gathered to agree on the communal and mobility guidelines and started to discuss concrete mobility actions, such as building a linear path to connect educational institutions, community services, parks, and other key destinations. 

Relevant stakeholders in the area, which are already familiar with SUNRISE, have also been approached to put forward the urban mobility strategy. For instance, recognised city personality, Hanan Brand who is a neighbourhood resident and who is also promoting walkability in Jerusalem, is one of the initiators and motives of the project.

Nevertheless, Gonenim is not the only neighbourhood approached by SUNRISE. Local stakeholders in the German Colony, one of Jerusalem’s most prominent neighborhoods, have also been contacted by SUNRISE partners. Adi Barzillay Zaks, a district urban planner has shown already interest in the project concept and further meetings are to be planned in order to involve her more.