SUNRISE Resilient Neighbourhoods

  • Posted On: April 17, 2020

Despite the current crisis cities are facing due to the spread of COVID19 and the European governments’ unanimous decision to extend the lockdown measures, the SUNRISE neighbourhoods are developing new strategies to keep safely moving.

This is the case of Hulsberg, the SUNRISE neighbourhood in the city of Bremen, where traffic has dramatically slowed down and cycling took a predominant role. However, since the majority of residents are working from home and leisure activities such as visiting friends have stopped, public transport has dropped by about 70% and car-sharing operators have lost up to 80% of the revenues.

The measures taken in Budapest, another city involved in the project, have impacted also the mobility of residents of Zugló-Törökőr neighbourhood.

Temporary bike lanes have been introduced, while the price of public bike-sharing has been reduced and their use has been made easier. Now, citizens can register and terminate their contract online. These measures have been implemented as an attempt to provide Budapest residents with alternative and safer mobility options. Read more about these measures here.

Our local partners in the neighbourhood are recommending residents to respect the social distancing but don’t stop cycling and walking as it strengthens the body immune system and keeps people mentally and physically healthy.

How is mobility in your neighbourhood? Share with us the good practices to inspire other local areas. Send an email to

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay resilient!