Thessaloniki: On the Path to Co-selection and Co-implementation

  • Posted On: April 18, 2019

On 16 April a meeting was held during the co-selection and co-implementation phase within the framework of SUNRISE Project. The meeting took place in the Hall of the Elementary School of Neo Rysio.          

The meeting started with the presentation of the proposed measures and their cost estimation. Then the Core Group selected the measures to be implemented based on their costs and the available budget through the “Shopping card method”, with the use of Monopoly money. The selected measures were two smart bus stops and bus shelters, a bicycle parking, panels with maps of bus routes and the development of “pedestrian bus” for students.

The finalisation of the measures emerged during the discussion for co-implementation phase. The Core group gave details about the way and the procedure the measures should be implemented and engaged to contribute with the collection of responses for the required surveys by promoting them to their contacts in the neighbourhood.